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CC Release; Denim Essentials Mens Collection

Hiya! I'm currently on a road-trip through the USA, to accomodate public release on time i use the scheduled blog feature of Wix. Once i get back i'll make sure the download is located at my CAS page as usual!

Hope you guys enjoy this collection! 💜💜💜 I loved first collection I made awhile ago that i just HAD to make a male version as well.

This collection contains 10 BGC items as shown in the previews. The following styles are included in several versions, in a 27 swatches palette:

  • Full length

  • Slightly rolled up

  • Cuffed jeans

  • Super skinny jeans

  • Plain jeans shorts

  • Ruffled jeans shorts

  • Hipster jeans shorts

BGC | Maxis Match | 27 Swatches | Proper Flags All LOD’s | New Specular, Shadow and Bump-map | Custom Thumbnail(s) | Within EA’s Polycount | Original Mesh credits; EA | Disabled for random.



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