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Random Gameplay: Lilith and Angela Pleasant

Random Gameplay: Lilith and Angela Pleasant 'Winterfest Casualties' is a short story that was playing out in my mind as i was spending the holidays going back to my game and finishing the Moody Dresses :)

At the bottom are links of the CAS CC i've used.

As Lilith turns around to make her way to the bar for a new drink, she suddenly feels to arms start to wrap around her waist

Angela: Ohh hell no you're not walking away from me!

a big dustcloud starts to emerge after Angela grabbed Lilith

Similar yet so very different. Angela, normally the kind and stable tempered of the two, bursts into a fit.

They've been like this for the biggest part of their lives.

Lilith turns around and throws herself at Angela and with all of the wonderful decorations and peaceful Winterfest music a big fight starts to take place. In a few seconds the rest of the room starts to fade and its just Angela and her.

scenic shot from above the fight where Lilith grabs Angela around the neck and pushes her back

Angela: Let go LET ME GOOOO!!!!

And while the fight starts to end Lilith can't help but scream at her sister.

Lilith: Not until you admit you're only here to ruin my LIFE!

Angela: NEVER!!!!

A suprised Angela gets thrown in the air one last time by lilith as she looses the fight from her sister.

Thats it. Angela end up with multiple rips all over her dress and well... "lost" the battle from her sister.

The end.

Really? will this ever end tho?

Some of the used CAS CC (incl. Links)

I did not use a lot of CC but these were the most prominently pictured items

Both:  Moody Dresses by Renorasims.

Angela: Sabina Hair (Rumours CC Set) by Icecreamforbreakfast.

Angela:  Alexandre Pumps (Haute Couture 22') by Sentate.


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