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CC suggestions (CAS)

I'd love to know what type of CAS CC items you guys like/love! Let me know in this form below.
Do you want something specific? Make sure you fill out the tab 'specific suggestions'
with an URL, more info/details, your e-mail (or login) so i can contact you, if necessary.

The more choices you pick at the same time, the more inconclusive the results are for me.
The multiple choices is offered as a option to let me know you for example; want a piece for multiple ages.

Have multiple or specific wishes? Fill out the form separately for each of them!

The input from this form is a suggestion, not request or commission. It's up to me if I take on the project or not.

Like to be credited? Make sure you leave contact info behind in the 'specific suggestions' tab!
(this form is
anonymous by default).

Life state?
Body Category?

Thank you for filling out this form!

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