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Terms of Use

Super flattering that you considering to download my CC! I’m honered!  I am not overly fond to make this statement but unfortunately it’s necessary. When using my CC, please be considerate and make sure you’ve read these terms beneath. 

I’ve worked very hard on them and love sharing my creation(s) with you. However, for that particular indivitual who decides to act selfish/childish

I will have to take actions and will do whatever it takes to make sure you stop any misconduct.

This will result in reports at @Support (on Tumblr) and DMCA. These are harsh words which I will rarely have to use, I think and hope.

General Terms
  • 2020 Update: Use the meshes / textures I made at your hearts content. BUT please give me credit; include a link in your CC post to my original item. This is the only thing I hope to receive from you as a fellow creator.

  • Don't claim my creation(s) as yours.

  • Do not include my CC in sim/house uploads! Why? read HERE.

  • Do not (re)upload my creation(s) to other sites.

  • Only spread my original tumblr post with the original link. This will always be a link to my website! Never a straight to SFS link!

  • Convert to other Sims games, @ or # on Tumblr! Love to see!

  • Give credit, where credit is due.

for Recoloring or Retexturing
  • 2020 Update: Add the mesh to your recolor. BUT please give me credit; include a link in your CC post to my original item. This is the only thing I hope to receive from you as a fellow creator. Also has a technical value; if for some reason your recolor gets outdated people can stil download the updated mesh at my post (if you decide not to update yours).

  • Do not put a URL shortner or any other form of money making advertisements between your creation and MY mesh!

  • I do NOT own patterns and textures UNLESS stated otherwise in the description.

Good to know!
  • All CC is play tested in both OSX and Windows.

  • All CC is within the poly count values of EA, if not (this is very rare!) this will be stated in the description of the download.

  • Wanna see more pics of a certain piece of CC? click on the dots below the pics on the product page!

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