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Random Gameplay: Lilith and Angela Pleasant

Updated: Jan 27

Random Gameplay: Lilith and Angela Pleasant 'Winterfest Casualties' is a short story that was playing out in my mind as i was spending the holidays going back to my game and finishing the Moody Dresses :)

The holidays are behind us and while most sims have enjoyed their time off from work/college, it was definitely not all fun and games for everyone. A short look back on some unfortunate events that took place over the holidays at the Pleasant family.

Lilith Pleasant loathes the mandatory social gatherings and holiday cheer sooo much she'd rather book a stay in Forgotten Hollow for the last part of the year. Just so she can be... well, forgotten is the right word I guess.

Lo and behold, this year Lilith got an invite to a party! From the blond Landgraab dude she sits next to her at her classes at Foxbury. For some unknown reason he keeps making conversation with her and last week... he got her a latte Llammaiatto! Preposterous! but, its like her deadly annoying sister Angela always says;" parties are priority 1!". For once... she felt that maybe, just maybe, Angela might be right?

And so, play it cool, she decided to come to the Landgraabs estate. I mean, she's already in Windenburg to visit her "needy" family so. Might as well swing by at Malcolm's party, there's nothing better to do. Malcolm seems pleased she decided to come after all. They walk to the grand hall and while he opens the door for her he assures her its going to be fun. Leaving her alone to get her a drink, Angela walks in and....

Angela and Lilith Pleasant meet each other in the grand hall in front of the fireplace at Malcom Landgraab's mansion

Behind all the Winterfest crap that decorates the room finds HER SISTER in what looks like, nooo... THE SAME OUTFIT?!

Angela greets Lilith with a big smile, while 3 other classmates are in a conversation with Malcolm's dad Geoffrey in what seems to be about gaining as much land as possible, Lilith makes here way over to her sister.

Angela: Lil? Lil! How nice to see you here! Finally out of the books and into night! We can finally go...

Lilith, not letting her finish: Do you always have to be the center of attention?! Why are you even here?!

Lilith whisper screams to her sister.

Angela: Parties are a...

Lilith's eyes could not roll back any further: Yeah yeah yeah, are a priority number one, we all know you're just wasting Mom and Dads simoleons at Britechester. You look preposterous! Red and white?

Besides, you knew i bought this outfit when we ran into each other the other day at Magnolia Promenade!

In a split second, Lilith tries to grab the sweater vest from her sister's dress but also decides to give her a hard push!

shot of Angela getting grabbed/pushed back by Lilith and her response to this

Angela's mood is now shifting as she sees her sister is not going to keep her cool AND she just criticized her fashion sense! With the other classmates going for a tour of the mansion with Geoffrey, she decided to take her shot.

Angela: Lil, really? Wow! first, you need to calm down. Malcolm hangs with some of us on campus and how was I suppose to know you were going to be a social sim for once in your life?! Let alone going to wear this (black) dress to a Winterfest Party?!

Lilith eyes start to burn. Nothing new to Angela though. She knows her sister. Through and through. This has all happened before and she decides to become the peacekeeper

but then...


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