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Random Gameplay: Lilith and Angela Pleasant

Random Gameplay: Lilith and Angela Pleasant 'Winterfest Casualties'  is a short story that was playing out in my mind as i was spending the holidays going back to my game and finishing the Moody Dresses :)

Lilith does not hear her sister semi-silently scream at her anymore, the noises fade away.

She looks at her glass, an idea starts to pop up...

Lilith picks up her drink

Like an impulse, Lilith throws the contents of her glass straight in the face of Angela.

Angela errupts in a fit towards her sister Lilith

Angela: Lilith?!?! Are you insane?! You... you RUINED my dress!!!!

Lilith sighs of relief and starts to grin at Angela.

Lilith: I feel a whole lot better actually. and you mean MY dress?



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