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I’ve always wanted to create a denim collection and with the jeans that came with DHD i finally got the jeans texture i was waiting for!


This collection has 16 BGC items (+ 1 override for the god aweful swatch 12 for the OG jeans). Big thank you @icecreamforbreakfast and @joliebean for keeping me afloat during the end stage where i practically lost my mind XD.


I've joined Ko-fi/Patreon! Its optional, my CC stays free but if you like to donate its very much appreciated! ❤

Denim Essentials Collection

    • 16 BGC items + 1 GP10 Override.
    • New Meshes.
    • All LOD's.
    • Proper Flags.
    • 20 Swatches.
    • New Shadow map, Bump and Specular map.
    • Custom Thumbnails.
    • Original mesh credits; EA.
    • Within EA's Polycount.
    • Disabled for Random.
Comments (2)
عضو غير معروف
٠٧ أغسطس ٢٠٢٣

Starting up causes an error, one file seems to be broken. seems to be bermuda package.

عضو غير معروف
٠٥ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٣
الرد على

Hiya! incase you look here, i've sent you a email with some questions regarding the issue you describe above. Let me know if i can help you any further 💜