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Primley Legacy; New Beginnings!

The Primley legacy continues! When Joshua went to college, Emilia and Heath Primley (Gen 1) got the opportunity of a lifetime. In the nearby town of Henford-on-Bagley to be exact!

The grind of being a chef in a fine dining restaurant hasn't been as inspiring as it ones was. Emilia started gardening and found a new passion later in (sim)life. Growing her own food and preparing them for dinners and parties is something Emilia became very passionate about!

Orchard Hill House

So when she overheard Nancy Landgraab talking about Orchard Hill House at one of her caterings she knew this could be the opportunity she was looking for. After consulting Heath, who got on board pretty fast, she decided to sell her stake in the restaurant. Heath's commute wasn't that bad and with both the stake from the restaurant and his inheritance they got a decent mortgage on the house.

Telling the kids

Telling the kids was a different story. Blake and Kayden enjoyed the idea of having more space while Isobel was not excited about it. At all. Brindleton Bay was already a 'small town' for her. Henford was even smaller and further away from the city life she craved so much.

Ultimately, she gave in once she saw how much it meant to her mother. As long as she didn't have to work the land or tend to any farm animal that might come around once they were living there.

Renovations & moving in

At the moment, Emilia is still finding her footing after all the renovations they had. The inside of the house took more than 8 months to complete. The orchard was very old and not well tended after so they had to redo most of the orchard and garden beds. After buying their farm animals money was pretty much gone. Thank the Simlord the previous family left loads of furniture and some decor!



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