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Build & Decor Sims 4; Orchard Hill House part I.

Primley Homestead; Orchard Hill House

I started building this home back in December 2022 with the idea of only a certain type of staircase... ☺️ Little did i know that it was going to be this huge country house 'fortress'! I wanted a staircase with a landing that could also harbor a cute console closet to put little nic-nacs and all things cluttery. When the stairs were done, luckily more and more ideas for the floor plan started to flow.

I found it pretty daunting to build like this since I had no bone structure in mind but it worked out really well!

Even though Emilia & Heath no longer have small kiddo's running around, I build and decorated this home with the idea that it would become a safe haven for the 2nd generation. First I thought of Joshua settling here eventually but the more i play with him at Britechester the more i question that idea. He's going to be my legacy heir and for some reason it just doesn't feeling like him to settle at Orchard Hill House. It could all change in a minute tho! 😅

Atm Blake is the one i envision here the most. Isobel is going towards the big city i presume (after college). Kayden i'm not sure but i can't imagine him being here for now.

I tried keeping to keep the blueish/green color as a focus point throughout decorating the ground floor. Orchard Hill House is a estate that's been around for more than 150 years. To give it that look and feel i worked with a lot(!) of (different) wood tones and beams throughout the house. Some slightly more modern touches here and there but mostly a vintage countryside look and feel.

I really love how the kitchen and dining area turned out! It has the country feel i was going for but the layout is very modern (for example; the island). I tried keeping the price tag lower by adding less expensive appliances but i can confidently say that keeping the overall cost down of this lot has not worked out. At. All 🤣

Which sucks since Emilia only sold her share of the restaurant she owned and Heath does have a inheritance but not $500.000 simoleons. Its something i find very frustrating with this game, when calculating taxes/utilities for the home the game goes sky high due to all the clutter. Luckily that fixable with MCCC.

Shown CC

Here are some collections/items that played the biggest part in shaping/decorating the spaces shown above;

I cannot possibly link all of the stuff in the pics but if you have a specific piece you're looking for you can chat me (including a clear description of which item you'd like to know) and I'll send you the link!💗

Would you like more of these types of posts?

  • Yep! I really like to know which CC you've used!

  • Nahh i'm not that interested.


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