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I thought it would be nice to share something small in the meantime while I work on my 'super secret hush hush project'... except for the part that it isn't something small anymore.


They took me quite awhile haha! Here are 12 patterned (+12 solid) wallpapers with the BG white trim. I repaired the texture of the trim in some places cuz it was kinda ugly in some area's. Since I only use white trims in my own game I won't added other trim colours to it. For now. As I'm typing this I start doubting this decision... gosh I'm terrible XD!


Now, to make it even more versatile I added solids so you can mix and match them! That way can choose to only have on small part patterned wall and the rest of it a solid colour. 


They were made with a lots of love, dedication, and patience! Enjoy! ❤ 

Wallpaper neutral patterns Part I

    • BGC.
    • Stand-alone.
    • default normal, specular map.
    • 12 Patterns & 12 Solids.
    • Custom Thumbnails.
    • Cost: $2.
    • Texture / Pattern Credits; Julia Dreams.
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