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Sporty Leggings

Sporty Leggings

Remember that BG full body outfit with the cute jacket and tee? These are the leggings from that outfit! I have to re-make the upperpart since most of that was covered by the outfit. Here's a lovely new pair of sporty leggings for your sims to wear! They come in a 11 colors since bright colors didn't do well on this texture...


I’ve included a recolor PSD for recolors if you like more options. Tag or @ me if you do over at Tumblr ! I’d love to see them! ❤ here’s a small tut on how to use mine.

  • BGC.
  • Proper Flags.
  • 11 Swatches.
  • Edited Shadow map, Bump, Specular map.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • Original texture credits; EA.
  • Disabled for Random.
  • PSD Included.
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