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Small CC Dump Part I

Small CC Dump Part I

Here’s the Public Release of last months Early Access Gift (Part II); a small CC Dump...


It’s part II of September’s Early Access Gift and therefore much smaller. Remember the window seat that came with Cat & Dogs? I loved how they decided to utilize small spaces like that and had to make a console version of it as well! It’s slotted to the max so more then enough room for all you clutter!


Speaking of clutter; I’ve added a dvd player and a nice basketball cactus planter. I saw the actual planter on Pinterest and had to make it for our sims!

3 BGC items. Type in ‘Renorasims’ and you’ll find all 3 items.


BGC | Maxis Match | New & Edited Meshes | Color-tagged | Custom Thumbnails | All LOD’s | Edited/remade Textures | Edited Specular & Bump Maps | Original Mesh Credits; EA |


  • TV Console : 20 Swatches | $220 | 50+ small slots | 17 medium slots.

  • Not your Average Cactus: 3 Swatches | $35.

  • DVD Player: 2 Swatches | $75.

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