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Simblreen 2018 Day 1; Coven Dress

Simblreen 2018 Day 1; Coven Dress

I've put a lot more time in the texture then I originally thought was necessary. I needed to re-paint some of the parts of the bustier at the bottom. It's a very classy bgc gown that's also perfect for historical gameplay purposes!


It comes in a 'Simblreen' palette (see gif for swatches!) I've put together for the occasion since my usual palette would be a disaster on this classical gown. This is my most spooky item of last weekend.

  • BGC.
  • New Mesh.
  • All LOD's.
  • Proper Flags.
  • 14 Swatches.
  • Edited/New Shadow map, Bump, Specular map.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • Original mesh credits; EA.
  • Within EA's Polycount.
  • Disabled for Random.
  • PSD Included.
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