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Papillon MINI Set

Papillon MINI Set

I loved the full body outfit we got with the DU EP but wanted the pants separate and altered to my liking to be able to mix it with other tops!


4 items:

  • Culottes (23 Swatches).
  • Midi (23 Swatches). 
  • Skinny Cuffed (20 Swatches). 
  • True Skinny (20 Swatches).


with the crash of my hard drive on the 15th of January i lost all of my files so no PSD's with this one. Hopefully i can recover the data and add it later.


I've also joined Patreon! Optional, my CC stays free and will be released here.

  • BGC.
  • New Mesh.
  • All LOD's.
  • Proper Flags.
  • 20 or 23 Swatches.
  • New Shadow map, Bump and Specular map.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • Original mesh credits; EA.
  • Within EA's Polycount.
  • Disabled for Random.
  • PSD later.
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