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Here’s a small gift to celebrate the milestone (2K) from last week ❤. Named gravity cuz it really defies gravity! Since this wouldn’t be an option in real life (boobies would fall out with first dive!) I had to make it for our simmies. The bottom part is made by me bc we don’t have meshes that have this structure.

Comes in 2 versions, a plain version with patterns and a shimmer version.


I’ve included a recolor PSD for recolors if you like more options. Tag or @ me if you do over at Tumblr !

I’d love to see them! ❤ here’s a small tut on how to use mine.

Gravity Swimsuit

    • BGC.
    • New Mesh.
    • All LOD's.
    • 2 Versions; Plain or Shimmer
    • 25 Solid Swatches + 16 Patterns Swatches
    • New Speculars, Bump and Shadow map.
    • Custom Thumbnails.
    • Original mesh credits; EA.
    • Normal Polycount.
    • Disabled for Random.
    • PSD Included.
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