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I have something for the gents… Remember that weird suit-robe outfit from Vintage Glamour? It had a marvelous and mainly (finally) MASCULINE shaped robe but they decided to put a suit underneath it?


Yes I know I don’t get it either but we fixed the situation; and here is the result. A fine new robe you sims can wear! I needed it for my uptown (vampire) mayor from San Geranimo, Thomas Weitzman cuz those cheap ass robes were beneath him XD

Mortimer's Vintage Robe

    • BGC.
    • All LOD'S.
    • 2 versions; EA's Original textures + 15 Solid Swatches.
    • New Shadows map.
    • Custom Thumbnails.
    • Original mesh credits; EA.
    • Normal Polycount.
    • Disabled for Random.
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