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Lani Swimsuit

Lani Swimsuit

Added Full Body Version as well! You can have both in game if you wish!


Here's the first item to drop from my Sulani Swimwear 'Line'. Its a cute swimsuit that can also be used as a top! the highwaisted bottom was extracted from my gravity swimsuit.
I had to make some edits to the texture to make it look fab on a skintight mesh but I think I succeeded! This is the more risqué version of the 2 swimsuits. the other one, Kala, will drop in a few hours I think.


It has 18 normal swatches and 12 mermaid swatches.


EDIT: Nude undies for underneath? Download them HERE!


I’ve included a recolor PSD (see SFS link!) for recolors if you like more options. Tag or @ me on Tumblr if you use or recolor it! I’d love to see them! ❤ here’s a small tut on how to use mine.


I've also joined Patreon! Optional, my CC stays free and will be released here once Early Access is over.

  • BGC.
  • New Mesh.
  • All LOD's.
  • Proper Flags.
  • 18 Normal Swatches.
  • 12 Mermaid Swatches.
  • New Shadow map, Bump and Specular map.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • Original mesh credits; EA.
  • Within EA's Polycount.
  • Disabled for Random.
  • PSD included (SFS link).
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