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Here’s another age conversion from the child boots that came with the Seasons EP. Luckily for me this one was a ‘walk in the park’ compared to the Bow boots. 


Seasons EP required! Comes in adult and toddler version. Not that you need these without seasons… they’re snow boots after all! ;). No PSD included this time. Didn't made any recolors.

Bubbly Snow Boots

    • Requires the Seasons EP! (EP05)
    • Adult & Toddler Version
    • Conversion.
    • All LOD's.
    • Proper Flags (Cold Weather, Everyday, etc).
    • 16 Original EA Swatches.
    • Bump, Specular and Shadow map.
    • Custom Thumbnail.
    • Original mesh credits; EA.
    • Within EA's Polycount.
    • Disabled for Random.
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