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I'm slowly trying to fill the lots in Brindleton Bay. This Craftsman styled home is perfect for a bigger family and has a modern touch to it. The bedrooms are spacious which leaves room for remodeling them into more bedroom if need be. 


Ideal family size: 5-6 Sims.

Used Lot: Domus Familiaris.


    Tag or @ me if you use it over at Tumblr! I’d love to see what you've done with the place! ❤

    Brindleton Craftsman

    • Brazenlotus: EP04 Liberated World Objects

      Peacemaker: Austere Buid Set.

      Peacemaker: Hickory Floorboards.

      Peacemaker: Simple Sidings.

      Renorasims: Revised Brohill Kitchen (Island Stove and Medium Hood Only!)

      Renorasims: Fine Designs; In between glass shower.


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