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Risky Business Top

Risky Business Top

My friend thisissimtastic wanted the bra removed so I helped her out. I actually became really fond of it since it’s a bit more risqué and a bit toned down from the original recolors now. Which I really love. It still requires the StrangerVille GP to show up! Since I haven’t made any mesh edits. Credits to thisissimtastic for the suggestion.


I've also joined Patreon! Optional, my CC stays free and will be released here once Early Access is over.

  • GP07!
  • Recolor.
  • Proper Flags.
  • 12 Swatches.
  • New Shadow map, Edited Bump and Specular map.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • Original mesh credits; EA.
  • Within EA's Polycount.
  • Disabled for Random.
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