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These hairs truly are a big labor of love, frustration and commitment! Converting this hairstyle would have resulted in all kinds of parts stick into the head, etc so I deleted EA’s scalp to get a hairstyle that fits seamlessly. Which took wayyyyyyy more work and time but that’s definitely worth it, I think. I also re-painted the texture in some places. I also made 2 versions of the clips to accessorize (hat dept) them. 


I want to thank the person who stood by me, cheering like a true cheerleader, giving me advice and saving my ass when there was (again) a set back. Without her @blogsimplesimmer I probably never finished it.


I've joined Ko-fi/Patreon! Its optional, my CC stays free but if you like to donate its very much appreciated! ❤

Camille's Cornrows

    • BGC.
    • New Mesh.
    • All LOD's.
    • Hat Compatible
    • All 24 EA Hair Swatches
    • Speculars, Bump, Shadows map.
    • Custom Thumbnails.
    • Original mesh credits; EA.
    • EA Hair recolor actions by @aveirasims
    • Normal Polycount.
    • Disabled for Random.
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