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Donators Gift

Sweet Lullabies

Nursery Set

Early  Access Donators Gift, August 2018

Again thank you so much for your donation!

because of you I get to keep on going with creating. Why? Because all of the donations are used to buy SP/GP/EP's, pay for PSD subscription, and site hosting!

Here's a sleeveless version of the Gemini Sweater I made. I enabled it for Athletic outfits as well since it's darn cute with some sporty leggings underneath them! Perfect for a jog in the park!

As mentioned before with the sweater, It’s made with 

A LOT of love and attention to detail; the mesh

(and texture) only reached to the upper part of the belly so I had to make the texture a lot longer which took forever since the jersey fabric is soo detailed. It comes in 2 versions; with or without hoodie.

Click on the images to make them bigger and use the arrows to see all of the pics! I've also include gifs from the swatches and all sides of the dress.


I’ve included a recolor PSD for recolors if you like more options. For now it's only for personal use! After it get's released to the general public you can

(of course!) release your recolors! 

here’s a small tut on how to use mine.

With Lots of Love,


Download - SFS

General Public Release Date:

Currently Unknown.

Note: this will be filled in once the next donation gift is ready!

Before you Download...

Please respect the  Terms of Use  on this exclusive piece!

  • Don't  share the SFS link of this piece or the password of this page!

  • Only  personal recolors allowed for now!

  • No  sharing whatsoever!

It will be released once a new donators gift is ready (which is monthly) so please let's keep this fun for everyone shall we? I will keep an eye on the download count, etc. I put all my faith in you!


I will schedule the release to the general public, so keep an eye out for the date if you like to know when! Once the next donator's gift is ready I will fill in the release date of the previous gift.

Once you see this piece of CC on the 'Create a Sim' page,  my usual TOU comes in place.

Technical Details
  • All items are BGC.

  • New Mesh.

  • All LOD's.

  • 23 Solid Swatches + 5 Gradient Swatches.

  • New Specular,  Bump and Shadow Map.

  • Custom Thumbnails.

  • Original Mesh Credits; EA.

  • Normal Polycount.

  • Disabled for Random.

  • PSD Included (for personal use only!)

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