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Why donate / pledge?

I spend a lot(!) of time on my cc to make it as close to EA's content as possible and make sure it's regularly updated if necessary. It’s a big hobby of mine!!! but unfortunately not a 'free' one.
In my opinion; this might be one of the biggest misconceptions about creating CC for TS4.

Besides the requirements you technically need, it also takes a lot of time to create a certain type of quality. Therefore I might not be your creator that releases something every day, or something like that. I read a lot of posts where people have such specific opinions on this matter which they're allowed to have of course! Just as I can have mine.

Patreon Page

After long consideration I finally decided to make a Patreon Page! (click on image above!) 

I've decided to do this because Patreon is slowly going to be the new donation standard in our community.

I also took this new opportunity to create an exclusive patreon Discord server called Renora's Spot!

besides that it makes it a lot easier for me to manage the early access gifts from over there!

Once the early access period is over the items will get published on my own site!

Doesn't this violate the TOU of EA?

No it doesn't because it's not an exclusive, it's a early access. See EA statement over here. 

Once the new one is done, the previous piece will be released for the general public.

PayPal isn't going away though

I do get that some people want to keep donating through PayPal which is totally fine! 

Unfortunately it is technically not possible for me to 'add' donators to a Patreon Tier please be aware of that!

Meaning for the ones that donate through PayPal; I'll send you the items via email.

For PayPal Early Access?

For €1 you'll receive 1 early access Item / Set! Depending on what I made that week / month.

For any donation exceeding €3 you'll receive a fitting amount of gifts for that!

Click on the icons above to donate!




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