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Why donate / pledge?

I spend a lot(!) of time on my cc to make it as close to EA's content as possible and make sure it's regularly updated if necessary. It’s a big hobby of mine!!! but unfortunately not a 'free' one.
In my opinion; this might be one of the biggest misconceptions about creating CC for TS4.

Besides the requirements you technically need, it also takes a lot of time to create a certain type of quality. Therefore I might not be your creator that releases something every day, or something like that. I read a lot of posts where people have such specific opinions on this matter which they're allowed to have of course! Just as I can have mine.

Patreon Page

Patreon has become the new donation standard in our community.

PayPal isn't going away though

I do get that some people want to keep donating through PayPal which is totally fine! 

Unfortunately it is technically not possible for me to 'add' donators to a Patreon Tier.

Meaning for the ones that donate through PayPal; I'll send you the items via email.

For PayPal Early Access?

For €1 you'll receive 1 month of Early Access.

For any donation exceeding €3 you'll receive a fitting amount of gifts for that!

Click on the icons above to donate!




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